Providing services to people with disability and assist them to be independent!


Financial donations to YPK Bali

By making a financial donation, you can directly support YPK’s programs. For example, your donation will help YPK:

  • Purchase new educational and rehabilitation equipment for the center-based and mobile therapy programs
  • Provide home care equipment like toilet chairs and mattresses so vulnerable people with disabilities can live safer and healthier lives in their own homes
  • Expand our Mobile Therapy program through purchase of a secondhand car
  • Provide healthy meals for students in the Education Program
  • Cover operational and running costs

Financial donations can be made via transfer to YPK Bali bank account. Please advise us of your donation.

Bank name: Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Account number: 0402838858
Account name: Yay. Peduli Kemanusiaan Bali


Bank name: Bank Permata
Account number: 5801314467
Account name: Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan Bali

Donation can also through, a platform for sharing. Connecting you with the nearest kindness. Now you can do kindness anytime.

Financial donation can also now be done through Paypal. You can click on the button below to start donating to support YPK Bali program.

Thank you for choosing to support YPK Bali services. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


YPK Bali is raising fund through a campaign to buy a minibus to support the therapy and education of children with physical disabilities. We are selling t-shirt with special design for this campaign. Please also spread the information to your network to support our campaign.


RP. 100.000,-

WhatsApp: 083119557874 / 087761545156
DM Instagram @ypkbali
Or shop at our store!

20.000 t-shirts has to be sold to reach this dream.

Your Gift for Them

Paket Helm
Paket Soccer Ball
Pulsa untuk Siswa
Paket Sanitasi
Paket Sembako

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program enables companies to make a positive and lasting contribution to our programs and the lives of people with physical disabilities in Bali. By joining the YPK, a company can choose to:

Support YPK Education Unit to help more children with physical disability to receive education by opening broader access through purchasing a school bus (16 seater). The procurement of a 16-seater bus will enable the reach of YPK’s education and rehabilitation centre to extend to areas of Bali where people living with a physical disability currently have no access to basic education and rehabilitation.

Support our BaliRungu program. YPK BaliRungu is a re-commenced program that provides assistance to people with a hearing disability by providing hearing assessments, access to an ENT specialist and subsidised hearing aids.

Support YPK to increase awareness to people about disability issues by providing booklets, brochures and training. We educate the community about habits that should be avoided in order to keep their body healthy so they can prevent any causes and particularly for stroke disease. Those educational materials will also enable YPK to help people about what they can do as first aid if there was a symptom for stroke attack for the first or the second time or what parents can do at home to supporting their child with special needs.

Please contact us for further information and to design a suitable CSR program for your company.


YPK Bali has many volunteer opportunities that will enable you to be a part of our programs that support the isolated Balinese communities. We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities to match your skills and interests.

To find out more about this volunteer program please contact us at [email protected] Additionally, you can visit us at the Annika Linden Centre to see first-hand what we do, who our clients are, and how you may be able to assist them.

Our opening hour 8.00 am-3.30 pm (Monday-Friday) & 8.00 am-1.00 pm (Saturday).

Our Vacancies

Please find below our current vacant position:


Sorry there are no vacant position.

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Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan (YPK) Bali is a not-for-profit organisation which was founded in 2001 to provide rehabilitation for Balinese people who have a disability, and who are unable to access formal health care facilities.


Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan (YPK) Bali
Annika Linden Centre (ALC)
Jl. Bakung No. 19
Br. Tohpati, Kesiman Kertalangu
Denpasar Timur – Bali – 80237

Telephone: +62 361 462431
E-mail: [email protected]