Our Donors

YPK’s ongoing donors and suporters are:


Inspirasia Foundation

Inspirasia Foundation (former Annika Linden Foundation) since 2010 has pledge to continuously support YPK, both in operational administration and programs. Also, Inspirasia Foundation (IF) has provided YPK with building from which to operate its Rehabilitation Centre. Thank you to Inspirasia Foundation who has support YPK Bali and generously provide this new centre of excellence, Annika Linden Centre. We are so proud to be a part of this centre. Your continue supports has allow us to reach our goal and deliver the best services for people with physical disabilities in Bali.


Schmitz Stiftungen

Schmitz-Hille-Stiftung (SHS) and Partners based in Germany have provided generously support for YPK from its establishment in 2001 until 2010. SHS’ support has allowed YPK to grow into the organization we are today and has directly benefited people with disabilities in Bali. Our gratitude to Schmitz Stiftungen for the new additional car and some equipment to support our operational and transportation program. This support has strengthen and expand our services in Bali.

We are also convey our deep gratitude to the following organisations and individuals for all their support given to YPK Bali, either with funding or “in-kind” donations. These supports have been lead us to help more people in Bali and deliver integrated-tailored services for people with physical disability.

  • Australian Consulate General, Bali
  • Bali International School
  • Bali Sport Foundation
  • Ecoturin – East Bali Poverty Project
  • Gandhi Memorial International School Bali
  • Green School Bali
  • I’m an Angel Foundation
  • Individual donors and visitors
  • Indonesian Embassy for Sweden and Latvia
  • Inspirasia Foundation
  • Jembatan Senang Foundation
  • John Septimus Roe (JSR) Community School Perth, Australia
  • Karen Kaplan, CA – USA
  • Ketut Mastrining
  • Medical Faculty of Udayana University
  • Pancaran Kasih Bunda
  • Permata Bank
  • Scope Global (formerly PT Austraining Nusantara) Puskesmas 2 – Denpasar Timur
  • Puspadi Bali Foundation
  • Sanglah Hospital Bali
  • Santo Leo Foundation
  • Schmitz Stiftungen, Düsseldorf – Germany
  • Social Bureau of Bali Province
  • Social Bureau of Badung Regency
  • Social Bureau of Denpasar Municipality
  • Social Bureau of Gianyar Regency
  • Social Bureau of Karangasem Regency
  • Social Bureau of Tabanan Regency
  • So Rehab Bali Foundation
  • Surfer Girl Bali
  • The Peacock Family, Australia
  • The International Philanthropy Society (IPS) of Stockholm, Sweden
  • Volvo Stockholm, Sweden