“My colleague, the late dr. Jonathan Mulia showed me the condition of the people with disabilities in Bali, especially disadvantaged people in the community…. at the time we saw a lady who could not use her right hand to do her work. You see, poor people in Bali do not have access to rehabilitation because clinics are expensive. From that moment he asked, “Can you help me to build a foundation?”. Fortunately, I had some skills from my past experience. We started YPK Bali in 2001, and then we started the first YPK Bali project in 2002. As of now, I am the founder and am not majorly involved in daily operations. In 2007, dr. Jonathan Mulia passed away and I took over the management in 2007 and we started from zero again. In 2009 we started the education program and in 2010 we started the mobile clinic. Two years after that, we began the hearing impairment program. From 2007 until 2010 (YPK) did not have support… Inspirasia Foundation is our biggest support, who we have worked with since 2010. During the beginnings of YPK Bali, we did a lot of promotion and marketing and started working with clients. We began with 100 clients for 5-6 years, but after we were supported by the Inspirasia Foundation our client base increased dramatically.”