In February of 2021, Trisna began participating in YPK Bali’s rehabilitation program. In the beginning, Trisna came to YPK with a weak condition in her lower limbs making her unable to walk and explore her surroundings. Trisna took part in our rehabilitation and exercise program which aided her to strengthen and improve her body’s functionality and balance. With great success, Trisna is now able to walk with the help of a walker. Trisna strolls around the YPK headquarters courtyard and walks around to view our flourishing gardens. She now can explore and interact with her environment with greater freedom and mobility– an achievement that Trisna’s family are immensely proud of.

“Small progress is big, it is life-changing.”

Through YPK’s collaboration with the Puspadi Bali Foundation, Trisna has been given a pair of AFO shoes to help her to achieve proper foot correction and stay comfortable when walking, playing sports and wandering around the YPK grounds. After the success of the program, Trisna has become more enthusiastic about her ongoing exercise training and the future progress she will make. Her mother is a key figure in Trisna’s life, she is incredibly very proud of Trisna’s achievements. As parents, you want your children to be happy and you want to see your children grow into happy adults. It is important to remember that small progress is big, it is life-changing, and Trisna’s progress has been spectacular. This is why at YPK, we are grateful for the enduring fulfilment of seeing young individuals’ happiness grow with every success they realise.