Mr. Sucita and Mrs. Rini are proud parents to their son Suputra. Before joining YPK, they never expected that Suputra could have the independence he does today. During his first year at YPK, Suputra found difficulty in adapting to the school routine. Like anyone, attempting something new always comes with challenges and hesitancy. But, Suputra’s perseverance and positive spirit helped him to overcome initial anxieties and concerns.

In a short period, Suputra has significantly changed. Unlike before, his parents have noticed newfound confidence and a positive shift in their son. Before COVID-19, Suputra no longer felt the need to have his parents with him during classroom activities, and they felt a great sense of trust knowing their son was in capable hands and that he looked forward to going to school each day. Suputra enjoys playing games with his friends and finds great joy in socialising during lunchtime.

As a result of the pandemic, learning has changed too. YPK has made the transition to an online learning environment or what we call “school from home”. In such volatile times, students can often struggle within a virtual environment, yet our staff are fully equipped to handle such unpredictabilities. Parents like Suputra’s can rely on the knowledge and expertise of YPK teachers and employees during this time.

“Suputra can truly develop his potential.”

Suputra’s parents’ involvement in assisting him during therapy sessions and school from home classes have been imperative to Suputra’s learning. Mr. Sucita and Mrs. Rini actively send reports to YPK acknowledging the shared successes and challenges while working from home with Suputra. They are relieved in knowing that Suputra can truly develop his potential and they believe in his shining future ahead. If you are a parent who believes their child could benefit from our services and support please contact us. We cannot do what we do without the support of many, we are always grateful for the progression and development of our own resources. With your help, we can also succeed in brightening the futures of the many who we support at YPK.